Orbx FTX Global - My Thoughts...


Archive: April 12th, 2013

[Editorial] Personally, I’m excited for Orbx FTX Global... In fact, I would go as far as saying that FTX Global will boost the entire flight simulation community. So how does this make sense – please let me explain. We have countless wonderful scenery choices from many talented developers, and, in my opinion, the best has yet to come. Both legacy and upcoming developers are making great strides in quality and performance. We are seeing better and more immersive sceneries than ever before. So, how does this tie into FTX Global?

In general, my problem is this... To fly between most wonderful third party sceneries I must traverse the old, bland, washed out default scenery. No, this doesn’t stop me from flying between Skiathos and Sonderborg, but, it takes away some of the enjoyment. The highlight of most flights is takeoff and landing while cruise and even approach is almost always forgettable. This will change with the release of FTX Global...and not just because of the updated textures and autogen…

You see, FTX Global is encouraging me to open my mind to other products, many of which I would have previously disregarded. Take terrain mesh for example - I was never sufficiently motivated to cover my world with high quality terrain mesh as the default textures were just too bland. It just never seemed worthwhile… But now, because of FTX Global, I am exploring mesh possibilities and will likely implement into my virtual world. The effort just seems worth it now. So in turn, this one product has stimulated me to look outside my box and start enhancing my platform once again. Indirectly, FTX Global is helping another developer thrive.

Let me give you another example. There are many impressive sceneries from more desolate parts of the world, but, I have never actually purchased one of these products. Why, because the thought of an extended cruise over boring and washed out textures was just too painful. But now, these sceneries suddenly come into play as worthwhile, at least in my mind. So again, I’m now exploring products that I had previously disregarded. Indirectly, FTX Global has added value to other third party products.

The way I see it is this... FTX Global is going to offer a completely new baseline for the FSX/P3D platform. No, it will not make everything perfect, but compared to default, it will raise the bar. It will give me a platform worth enhancing again and that has value far beyond the product itself. Indirectly, because of FTX Global, I will likely be encouraged to explore products that I had previously disregarded. This in turn will help stimulate the community and new developments. So, love it or hate it, want it or don't, I think FTX Global is good for flight simulation and the community as a whole. That is my two cents...take it or leave it.

-Mark Hrycenko