Lockheed L-1011 Tristar

Archive: April 1st, 2014

[Editorial] Since the introduction of the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar and the development of the 3 models L-1011-1, L-1011-200 and L-1011-500 they came to 249 aircraft build from 1972 and to the end in 1985. This plane is the L-1011-500 and was tested in 1978 by looking on the leverance tey start off ok but slowly year after year go back.. in 1985 there was only build 3 aircraft of the L-1011..
it was mainly a favor aircraft at Delta and British Airways..

The key words are high speed it has a never exceed speed of 95 mach but a continiusly max speed og 90 but normal on normal flight´s 86 mach and for long flights 84 mach to get a better fuel economy.. whit a Service ceiling of 43,000 ft and a maximum range of 5345 nm and depending on cabin have from 246 to 330 seats.. it seems to be a good aircraft and when compaired to the speed of the most planes today but there is no dobt that they was burning way more fuel then the new aircrafts of today..
Instalation and Documentation: The instalation is straight forward as always from Just Flight, no extra stuff that has to edit something on the system only add and thats good.. about the dokumentation i would say it´s a longer manual then im use to by just flight manuals they often is a few pages here you get 104 pages manual.. thats easy to navigate throu and tels you all you need to know...Contents:Let´s take a walk inside to our work station.. Here you find that the developers have given you a few options as shown on the picture´s there are shown 2 of the 3 options for this plane..

Here you se that the plane has a choice of two engine gauge configurations.. 1 is Analogue and the other Tape.. as the last options you can select if you want to use INS whitch is fully simulated for this project or use the default GPS as interface.. the sad thing here is by using the GPS the HSI would not like in some other planes show where you are acording to the possision so you cant follow any thing els then the gps to se if you are flyeing as planed.. 

Here is a picture of the tool selector program there are 2 as theer are 1 for civilian and 1 for RAF planes.

When we talk of the the 2d panels they seems a bit strange as ex if i press shift +4 it only shows the main texture if i the press the shift+5 it show´s the the main instruments so if i press both shift+4 and 5 it is 1 compleat panel a bit strange seems like a issue..

So the visual inside the plane is ok for the VC also compaired to the frame per sec i get very high FPS on my system both inside and out, and on longer flights the vc is loaded quick so far better then some other add-ons so thats where just flight have there power as well.. but whit that said you might find some displays thats not working and just a nice detailed texture are used but it´s fair as the importan things are there. Also they dident skip the 2d thats nice. not that i mean i use to fly from it but the pop ups are nice to have and im happy that the costumer in this case have the choise to select as he or she wants to use the plane.. 

About visual stuff outside well it´s far from the quality you se of some of the best add-ons out there but it´s in the middle category i would say as there are much lower quality on some other projects.. when thats said it´s not as bad as i might get it sound it´s just i wantto note that it´s not the same level of details as pmdg, qwsim and airbus. You might also have noticed the lights near the tail is a bit missplaced but a small thing..

Goflight hardware:Well 1 of the nice things for Goflight lovers is that this plane is nearly 100% compatible whit so far i only noticed you can´t use the spd/mach button as default that would turn off A/T a bit strange but thats the only limit as nav frq and sq codes are also working whit the radio panels.. but i guess it´s because Just flight is know for using a lot of the default coding for such things and thats good for hardware lovers.. 

as some have talked about this plane seems to be to powerfull whit the eng and yes that could be right but on the other hand i think it´s hard to get it feel right whit such a price.. 

As final word´s i would say if you are new to FSX and like a fast and good plane this might be a very good choise but also for the ones that like INS so you have to fly it like it was..
but dont expect PMDG qality but still fair for the price i woud have been more excided if they have had included and FMC/FMS so it was more a lit product as using default GPS is ok but hard to edit route in flight thats my bigges whish for this project..

it´s hard but it´s in the end the final user there have to make there mind of what they like this is high fps.. 

test system:

Win7 and Vista 64BIT
i7 3.5gHz 2700K Sandy Bridge
Corsair H80 Hydro Series
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe B3 Sandy Bridge 
G.Skill 16GB DDR3 1333MHz
2 x OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - 120 GB 

-Lars N.