How far is too far?


Archive: April 1st, 2013

How far is too far? With all the latest scenery and aircraft, we have come to the point from which we cannot be happy with the developers until we are satisfied with the product even if it is past the limit of what is being offered. Also I am getting the feeling that some developers are putting out less than a finished product and using the public to test the product and the limits of what is offered. And you thought this was going to be a one sided editorial. There are some developers that openly do that, so if you buy in, you get to be a beta tester. The bar had been set a lot higher with the NGX, no question there, just realize that NOT all developers have the same amount of time and resources used to make the NGX. There are many great scenery developers, too many to mention. The one thing many pilots have forgotten is that no two developers model the same, although if you go to many forums and you get the idea immediately that not everyone understands that, comparing modellers is complete waste of time. Yes I said it and I meant it. 
Comparing an Airbus to a Boeing makes just as much sense as comparing a car to a boat, both are forms of transportation..........but not the same thing. How about the recent developer who put out a great scenery, many people had many issues, the scenery was hard on frames, glitches, bugs, CTDS and the OOM's. After much re-working of the scenery, the developer got the frames up, gave the purchaser many options for setup. Now the developer went well beyond what was offered, however, the developer took care of their customer. It was ok to question product, you spent your money right? You only wanted what you paid for, what you deserved.

After reading the comments about a certain L1011 in development just the same day one company released theirs, it made me think. Were those customers justified in their comments? Are they expecting too much? Did they get what they paid for? I will reserve my judgement on this due to the fact that I have an aircraft from the developer as I am not giving an aircraft review. Lets just say it needs some improvements. How about purchasing a classic airliner, the well done videos and write up clearly demonstrated the product you were getting. VOR's and NDB's are your friends, but wait, You know what this plane needs, a FMC. Hello, are you there? Did you just ask for a FMC? Did you read the write up? I know three things about this product, It is well developed, there were a few issues at the beginning, but the developer gave what he promised and the purchaser expected far more that was offered. There has got to be compromise from all of us and a large order of patience. As we are looking for another aircraft or scenery, the quality has gotten better.

We all want the same thing, a good product, for a good price, what we do not need to is beat each other up in the forums or waste out time demanding things that are not reasonable. The developers have become better , the purchaser has become smarter, the demand is higher. As a flight community we have to realize, that there has to be compromises from both sides.

-Mark Smith