Going The Extra Mile

Archive: March 12th, 2013

[EDITORIAL/RANT] As flight simulation enthusiasts, we are often quick to criticize, yet slow to praise developers. To some extent, there is legitimacy to this unbalanced approach as consumers are spending their hard earned money and deserve to be critical. This type of feedback can prove constructive and at times fuel future innovation. However, sometimes we are so busy criticizing that we forget to recognize developers who go the extra mile. Read yet another one of my editorial/rants inside...

So what does going the extra mile actually mean? Well, it depends who you ask I suppose. There are likely an infinite number of different answers to this question. So, let me tell you what I mean by going the extra mile and it is indeed very simple. Support and update your product soon after release, yes, that’s it… This certainly sounds very simple does it not? In fact, this does not sound like going the extra mile at all, it sounds more like the bare minimum to be expected from any developer. However, I’m sure we can agree this very simple practice is not always the case.

So yes, I consider those developers who immediately address issues and update their products to be going the extra mile. Now how in the world did I get started on this rant? Well, I am not one to mention specific developers or products in this type of editorial/rant type article, but let me say this. Two products that I was personally very excited about were recently released. In both cases, the developer provided an update(s) within a week. This, I absolutely love! I suppose all I’m saying is that I wish this type of update bombardment was more common practice. Now granted, not all products require update immediately, however, many do.

This article is my way of showing appreciation to those two developers, even if they are to remain unnamed. I hope you choose to do the same next time you’re impressed. Perhaps if we all did, this simple practice wouldn't be considered going the extra mile and may just become the norm…

-Mark Hrycenko