Welcome to the 2017 Product Billboard. The Billboard is an continuous effort to keep the community up to date on all products currently in development that we know of. But in terms of reference, it should give you an overall idea of what you can expect. 

Please ensure you have read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. We ask the viewer to exercise discretion regarding how you choose to rely on or share this information. If you are aware of a product that was released or is in development and not being tracked on this list, please advise us via our contact page.




Next Tentative Update: Sept 2017


2017 Projected Roadmap



Phantom Projects In Development.


This information has been provided to ADX by various developers to inform the development community of what projects are in development in an effort to prevent multiple projects from being developed simultaneously. If you are a developer and wish to provide us with your project plans and wish to contact the other developers on this list which may be working on the same project as you, please contact us. This procedure only applies to known and well trusted developers within the flight simulation community. Not all projects we are currently aware of appear on this list.  



The IceBox >> Dead Projects À la carte

  • COdE AS350 / EC130 
  • Digital Aviation Fokker VC
  • EVASim Riga
  • Gianni Design Team Salzburg
  • EireSim Dublin
  • Orbx Auckland NZAA
  • Orbx Bodo 
  • Orbx Swansea EGFH 
  • Orbx 5S0 Oakridge State
  • Aerosoft ASDG Johannesburg
  • Aerosoft DA/ CRJ
  • All Previously Announced AviaSim Projects
  • Aerosoft EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Extended
  • Aerosoft Jersey X
  • Aerosoft JU52 FSX.
  • Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels
  • Overland Japan Projects
  • Boris Forero Sceneries
  • COdE AS350 / EC130 Project on hold. 
  • ESC Sceneries Design Projects
  • AWG CRJ Project
  • AirSimmer A320
  • EVASim Sukhoi SSJ
  • Azurafiles Ottowa
  • EvolutionSim Projects
  • OryxSim Toronto 
  • Project DC-XX (Independent DC-10 Project) Issues between team members including accusations that components from the CLS DC-10 were used. 


Disclamer & Further Information About This List:

The ADX Billboard is updated on a regular biases and projections are primarily based on the following factors:

1. Official press releases

2. Information we receive directly from developers/development teams

3. Information we find in developer forums/websites/Facebook pages

4. Our projections based on tracking and researching previous developer performance abilities.

5. Product updates and screenshots denoting an advanced development stage

6. Backdoor information supplied to us from trusted sources

Again, we consider all research we conduct and receive for the Billboard as "hypothetical projection only" and we personally do not denote any of this information to be considered as "firm". This Billboard can also inform followers of heavy development load periods and inform developers of what to/not to take on. Release dates published on this "Billboard" are under the direct and sole responsibility of AirDailyX. We ask our readers to keep in mind that a number of factors either in our projections or within actual developments can change or delay these dates at any time and should not be considered as "absolutely firm" release dates.

How you choose to rely on this information is at your discretion. If your product is not in this list, and/or you would like to provide us with better time frames regarding your product, please contact us.