ADX FirstLook: Vidan Bornholm!


P3D. Sometimes we as a community get so caught up on the biggest names in scenery development, that we tend to overlook the smaller names. As one of my primary proposes in running ADX, I do my very best to bring these lesser known names to the forefront so the masses can be introduced to amazing quality destinations they are missing out on. This is one of the many reasons why I prowl places like FSDeveloper. I just love finding these little indie rock bands. Over the past couple years, AirDailyX has single handedly introduced more new developers to the FS community than any other online based resource. Names that many of you are now going crazy over. One of these smaller developers is not one that I personally introduced to the community, but one that I continue to promote and showcase. I am talking about Vidan Design and if you never experienced any of Vidan's destinations, you are sorely missing out on all this developer has to offer. It's a beautiful weekend, a great day for flying, and a great day for exploring! Come along with me to the Island of Bornholm were we discover exactly why this developer is so good at everything he does in this latest edition of ADX FirstLook!

[Note: For format purposes, images are cropped.  Click each image for full size resolution preview.]

The weather is so nice, I deemed prudent to whip out the MilViz 737 Classic! This aircraft is a wonderful little workhorse and is as good on visuals as she is on performance. 

Now one of things I would like to discuss is the thought processes of many flight simulation enthusiasts. Back when I first got into FS so many years ago, I never imagined I would ever actually pay for a third party addon. If it wasn't freeware, I never bothered. And there were not many decent payware addons for FS98. FS2002 did bring more payware works to the table but it wasn't till FS2004 hit store shelves did I actually consider taking the thought of purchasing addons seriously.

Now in regards to payware addons, in order for me to really make such a consideration, the addon had to be damn good! Now given the fact that Los Angeles is my home town, the first thought of purchasing an airport would have to be of one I knew well. Needless to say, when Cloud9 Simulations released their LAX airport, I was instantly sold. That single purchase would become the first of would become thousands of dollars worth of purchases in the following years. You see, Cloud9 LAX really changed the way I saw payware addons. I could have never imagined just how realistic this stuff could get.

Right after LAX, I went on a mad tear hunt for payware airport renditions of every place I had ever flown into in real world. My next purchase would become LSZH by FlyLogic, and CDG by SimWings. After a few months, I had purchased several airports. And then I started to get bored. Developers like the German Airports Team were releasing airports in bulk for a number of destinations I had never visited in real world. The more they released, the more interested I became and thus ended my modus operandi of only buying airports I had actually visited.

Suddenly, there was an entire world to explore! And with each new release, I was ready for an adventure. Which brings me to my point: If you are one of those folks who only purchases scenery addons to places you have visited in real life, consider changing your perspective. Flight Simulation has so much to offer and I promise you, after a while of visiting these new places, you will actually start to feel as it you have been there. This is one of the reasons why I believe Vidan is not more popular among the masses than they currently are. It has nothing to do with quality because the quality is absolutely amazing. It's because many of you have never heard of and much less visited these places before. 

I guarantee, one visit to a Vidan airport, and you will be quickly impressed. As I am now about to show you. So give me a minute to configure my aircraft for approach. 

As you can clearly see, Orbx FTX Global + Vector covers the island quite nicely. Once we enter the Vidan scenery photo coverage area the difference becomes apparent but not in a matter that would bother you. 


Welcome to Bornholm island! And in case you would like a reference of just where we are, I included a Google Earth map displaying a number of nearby payware airports I own in P3D. If this were FS9, there would be so many airports listed, you wouldn't even be able to see the Earth! Needless to say, my P3D collection of airports is slowly growing.


On my arrival and stepping off the stairs the first quality benchmark I noticed was the high res ground texturing.

Some lovely grass work! Already I am enjoying the virtual environment. It all seems so real. If you are a fan of Orbx airports, you will feel right at home here.

And I just love the brick! All the textures are seemingly perfect.

Looking at the tower, there are 2 levels present there. The lower of the two displaying photoreal. The depth is so good, it's almost as if I can see inside. The upper is transparent and has many objects inside.

Photoreal everywhere. But I'll admit, I have seen better static aircraft.

Oops? What happened here? The airport perimeter fencing just seems to get cutoff? Not good! I am docking points!

In the 4 shots above, you clearly see that not only is every building present, there is no loss of detail anywhere!

The same can be said for the non-airside part of the terminal. The entrance, parking lot, and cars look great. The smaller details are also included such as billboards etc. 

Some very strong and crisp photo terrain complete with custom trees and autogen.

Moving away from the airport for a short moment, we get a look at Bornholm itself complete with the harbor, town, marina, and noticeable landmarks. All very well done and detailed. If you choose to approach Bornholm from the west, you will also get a good glimpse of the town off to your left on short final. 

It all looks great during the day and at night!

Very lovely photo night textures. This is how it should be done.

If you either live in Bornholm or have visited, it should be very clear to you just how well Vidan has nailed it. But if you haven't, then it should be obvious by now just how good the quality is. Besides the quality, what we have here is a very exciting destination full of quality with great performance. And besides that, you also have a very good excuse to start checking out Vidan Designs airports. Take it a step further and you also have a very good excuse to visit a new destination you have never experienced in real life. So go ahead, let FS stand in for the real world and discover! 

You can find Bornholm and well as all of Vidan's works in the link below:

And also be sure to check out our coverage of Vidan Sonderborg and Tuno!

I don't know what airport Vidan will do next but wherever it is, it's bound to be good!

Happy Flighting!