ADX FirstLook: JustSim Strigino!


P3Dv3. Many of you may recall my introductory announcement of new Russian development team: JustSim a couple months or so ago. This is a dev team that is storming out of the gate with some pretty impeccable quality. The airport that got me all interested in Russian airports in the first place was Evgeny Baturin's Yekaterinburg released by Aerosoft. It was so good I wrote up a complete review of it in FS9 back in the days before P3D. I was one of those who had flat out rejected FSX and if not for the Steam Edition, I would still be rejecting FSX. Besides, one of the best things about

FS9 were the millions of freeware addons available. And high quality addons as that. Yekaterinburg was an incredibly well modeled airport so good in fact, that it had become the gateway to my interest in flying the skies of Russia, a region of the world I never had interest in for 2 reasons: 1. There weren't any good quality payware sceneries available, at least not that I was aware of and 2. every place in Russia seemed so damn remote and back then, anything over 2 hours ETE just wasn't happening or rare. And I never speed up the time in FS. But Yekaterinburg really changed all that for me. This airport was so good I just had to visit it often and given it's remoteness  I really needed to find more destinations. Back when I wrote the review, I had no idea who the developer was but I really wanted to seek him out and find what else he had done. Sure, Koltsovo was his first payware offering but there was just no way this was Evgeny's first ever work. It was too good and met or rather exceeded all my expectations in a payware offering. An ADX reader then tipped me off to Evgeny's first freeware projects via one of the Russian Avsim type websites and after installing those which were super damn good addons, I soon learned that everything I was looking for for all things Russia was there. 

No wonder there were no known payware Russian airports. The developers were all giving them away for free. And thus started my rampage! The best of which ever made was the Boryspil by now defunct one hit wonder InterSkyStudio. Thanks to all the available high quality freeware, Russia was no longer looking so remote and barren in FS and would be mine for the taking! Then finally, my venture to P3Dv1 began and over the last 3 years we have seen an explosion of high quality payware airports coming from all over from Drzewiecki Design, to M Design, to Digital Design (Evgeny's official development name) and don't get me started on St. Petersburg which is a total masterpiece. And now JustSim! Now I would have to bet Andrey Bakanov the man behind JustSim has some freeware out there floating around as well because given the quality of work with Nizhny Novgorod International Airport here, the quality screams veteran developer. I should also note that Evgeny has had a pivotal role in this project as well. Lets take a look at Strigino and see why I think it's so good. I should also note this is a pre-release FirstLook. The work was not released by the time this preview was published. 

Now many of us typically get our first introduction to airports by flying in or by starting right out on the runway. This would not suffice for me however. I wanted to enter and experience the scenery the same way I would as if in real life. So I grabbed the first freeware car I could find, grabbed the ADX Avatar Guy and set off down the streets leading to the airport. The detail this far out away from the airfield is immaculate. The vegetation, signage, and buildings all highly realistic. I almost feel like I am in Half Life...  

Now at the main lot I am surrounded by details from advertisements, to detailed vehicles, to many miscellaneous objects. No complaints at all. I make my way to the airfield where I am greeted to some of the most detailed static aircraft I have ever seen along with that really cool glass work seen at St. Petersburg along with some transparent sections. 

Please don't mind the huge AirDailyX logo. Evidently the airport authority in real life are fans of AirDailyX. This is only in my review copy and will not appear in your paid version. But gotta admit, looks really good up there! I'm really pleased with the ground textures as well. Both airside and landside areas come with animated traffic and the scenery uses SODE: Sim Object Display Engine.

Plenty of quality vegetation no doubt! I move outside the airport and am pleased to see there is a HUGE coverage area!! I added some shots here but be sure to go on your on adventure and explore!  

You will also be pleased with the night lighting all of which is custom and very well done! 

I want to add that there is likely much I has left out in this preview but after all, I have had little time with the scenery and the purpose of ADX FirstLook articles is to give you just enough information to to make a good decision and this airport is a very good decision. Take my word for it. Now if you are one of those who have little interest in Russia, you still need to keep your eyes on JustSim as they have pledged to move into other parts of Europe and they very well may be heading to your favorite airport next. 

Congratulations to JustSim on the first release and I really look forward to many hours of enjoyment at Strigino which is so much more than just an airport.

The scenery can be purchased here:

Happy Flighting!

D'Andre Newman!