ADX FirstLook: Godzone Photoscenery Subscription

P3Dv2. [By Jerome Zimmermann] I have been a big fan of Robin Corn’s Godzone New Zealand scenery for a very long time, having first discovered his scenery over 10 years ago, back in the days of FS2002…..damn that makes me feel old :-)

Much has changed since then, software and technology wise we now have the ability to render graphics with a fidelity and performance that we could only dream of back then. Godzone’s scenery development was quiet for a very long time, much to the frustration of the many armchair pilots that are so fond of the beautifully scenic New Zealand. In early June 2014 Robin launched a very novel way of allowing FSX and Prepar3D users to be part of his quest to update and continue development of his Godzone New Zealand scenery, the Godzone Subscription Service, where one has the ability to purchase a subscription in a single 12 month or three quarterly installments.

Robin currently has a special offer running that ends in just over 24 hours from now, and I decided to take advantage of this and purchase a single quarterly installment that covers and includes all 7 currently released subscription areas, as well as the upcoming subscription installment that will add the Queenstown region.

After downloading the various ZIP files with the installers, I took note of all of the airfields mentioned in the individual subscription release notes while installing the different regions. I decided that Neils Beach Airstrip in the Jackson Bay area, right next to the mouth of the Arawhata River, was going to be the first airfield to explore. Flying into Jackson Bay from the east, I uttered a very audible, loud WOW as I cut through the early morning fog and spotted Neils Beach Airstrip just off the portside nose of my Turbine Duke.  (Please note that I’ve left the FRAMES/SEC showing on all the screenshots I took, just so you get an idea of the fluidity I was able to achieve with this wonderful scenery at very high settings)

I headed out over Jackson Bay turning south-west and put my Turbine Duke into an approach configuration.

On final approach you immediately notice the dense vegetation around the airstrip. Robin has provided his very own tree textures for his Godzone scenery with the subscription service.

Among the many different small airfields and airstrips that form part of the currently released scenery, the Godzone Subscription Service offers excellent and very useable transitional (Work-In-Progress) renditions of the Rotorua (NZRO) and Wellington (NZWN) airports.

Rotorua (NZRO)

Wellington (NZWN)

I’ve only been able to spend a few hours with the new Godzone subscription scenery today and can only encourage fellow FSX and Prepar3D users, who are fond of New Zealand, to consider subscribing. One of the great pluses of the New Zealand region in general is that it seems to have a very low OOM risk, meaning that you can really crank up your settings without risking any OOM related errors. 

Metropolitan Wellington

For more information about the different New Zealand regions covered by the current 7 subscriptions, I encourage you to take a look at Godzone’s subscription website located here:

From Dusseldorf

-Jerome Zimmermann