Welcome to the ADX Global Airports page. Your life just got a million times easier. Now you have full access to every top quality payware airport currently available for flight simulation plus all the top freeware destinations! Not sure where to fly today? Looking for someplace new to discover? It's all here! For a developers perspective, this resource will allow you to not only see what developments are available, it also gives you insight into whats outdated and what areas are completely void of third party destinations. Be sure to keep checking back regularly, this map is constantly being updated. A lot of places to explore in the virtual world of flight simulation, Enjoy!



AirDailyX Global Airport Location Map

Airport Destination Request Form. (we are not currently accepting requests)

Note, this list primarily serves scenery developments for Microsoft's FSX and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D platforms. Whereas they may exist, FS9 and XPL versions are not currently supported. Have a product you would like to see on the map? Please fully complete the form below.

Notes to consider before submitting your request:

  • Due to the enormity of freeware airports available, we ask that you use strong discretion as there is just no way we can include them all.

  • Freeware: only the highest freeware quality airports will be included. 

  • Be advised, we will not necessarily accept all requests. 

  • Please ensure your choice is not already on the list.

  • Please submit your request only once. Multiple requests of the same airport will only waste our time and delay the process.