For over 5 years, AirDailyX has been a growing and continuously improving resource for everything related to PC flight simulation. Whether your purpose is for project development, casual flying or flight school training, our goal is to deliver a high quality and reliable destination for flight simulation information seekers while maintaining our independence and unique style. We sincerely hope you like what you find. Flight simulation is our passion and that passion is the driving force behind everything we do. 




AirDailyX was founded by Dominique Mason in Paris France in October of 2010. 

It was started by Dom as sort of a side hobby. Something fellow flight simulation fans could visit and use as a tracking resource for upcoming flight simulation development projects. By way of Google's free and easy to use Blogger platform, ADX was born. Now quite naturally, there was a plethora of similar like minded online resources available serving the flight simulation community. But what has always set ADX apart from all other FS online news sites and blogs, is it's affinity to add character, opinion, and absolute honestly to the information published. In it's first month in operation, word about ADX on Blogger spread slowly which saw 243 total page views.


A little over a year later in February of 2012, D'Andre Newman joined Dominique in the adventure and in the following months, ADX reached its first milestone by reaching 500,000 page views.  Word began spread so quickly, that by October of 2012, over 1 million visits had been achieved. Another year later, AirDailyX saw 3 new partners come and go. Darryl Sheppard, Tino Scottle, and Mark Hrycenko. The efforts by Mark left a huge impression with the advent of the highly popular: ADX "FirstLook" series.


Dominique announced and subsequently retired from AirDailyX in August of 2013 after nearly 3 years of service to the flight simulation community. With D'Andre left at the helm, on February 1st, 2014, the all new website was launched leaving behind the old Blogger platform and ushering in an entirely new era for the ADX brand and it's fans. Now currently at over 10 million pageviews and an audience size of over 500,000 monthly readers, AirDailyX is the world's fastest growing online based flight simulation resource.

So what makes us so different? Why do thousands continue to visit us every day? Well, for starters, unlike a lot of other sites that post fresh news every few days, we are active every day so our fellow flight simulation fans can spend less time searching online spend and more time flying.

We also offer more than just the daily dose of news. We offer very in-depth product reviews that add personality and honesty. If a product is worth your money, we will say so. If it's not, we will not only say so, but we will give you the reasons why so you can make an informed decision about how to spend your money.


We include a very comprehensive detailed list that we call "The Billboard" that tracks all the developments currently in production with projected release dates.

Our "ADX FirstLook" series is likely our most challenging aspect. This requires us to publish a mini review within hours after a product is released. So far so good!

From time to time we also launch contests! Many of our readers have won the products of their choice and so can you! So look out for those. We also include our own dedicated line of comics based on the humorous reality of the  flight simulation industry. Something you will not find anywhere else.


Our latest addition is our live broadcasts via our Twitch channel called ADXLive! [HD] where we give you a firsthand approach of your favorite FS products, live developer interviews, and more! Many of our live product showcases take place on the day of release giving you a firsthand look at products which takes the viewer and potential customer far beyond the webshop product page. This also helps facilitates in keeping individuals off pirate websites to test products prior to purchase.  We also work closely with the development community to assist in promoting their products live to the community.

Another thing that sets us apart is what we are willing to tolerate. Free speech from fans. As long as our readers are polite and do not launch negative attacks towards the development community, we allow them to be heard and say what they want to say whereas many flightsim forums might censor opinion. Many of our readers and developers  respect us in this regard. We have gained loyalty from many of our readers that have been banned for their honest thoughts on other FS resource sites. At ADX, we don't ban readers and we would not want to. AirDailyX is for the people, by the people. Just be nice :)


The development community also trusts us and are fans of ADX, and we have built very close relationships with many of them. It is for this reason, you will find more product development exclusives on ADX than on any other site. Period.

Our goal is to try as hard as possible to be the one and only one-stop-shop for all your FS information needs. We are getting there, but we still have a long road ahead of us. But one thing you can always count on every day, AirDailyX has you covered. But your help is always needed too! Become a part of the adventure by alerting us on any news or new development projects you happen to find out there! We always credit our readers who offer their assistance. Check our contact page for information on how to do this.

We are not AirWeeklyX, AirMonthlyX, AirQuareterlyX... We are AirDailyX. this means: News and updates. Daily!

About The Owner


As the saying goes, either flying is in your blood or it is not. For me that is simply an understatement. I have been an avid flight simulation enthusist for about 20 years and have worked in the Aviation/Airline industry for over 12 years including airlines such as: NZ, VS, QF, and EK. I also flew with an airline called MAXjet for a short while prior to their bankruptcy.

Like you, flying is my passion. It is also expensive and extremely time consuming. Thus, my investments have gone from real world flying into the ability to fly in the comfort of my home. Technology has come a very long way and it's quite amazing how advanced modern day simulation software and systems have come. When i'm not flying, spending time with my family, traveling abroad, or at work, you will find me somewhere along Pacific Coast Highway on my Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 road bike with my cycling club Velo Allegero.

This is my promise to the readers and fans of AirDailyX: Enthusiasm, professionalism, honestly, integrity, and fairness. The bottom line is we all love flight simulation and to that end, my purpose here is to leave no corner of the flight simulation world overlooked as it pertains to the most popular flight simulation software platforms FSX and P3D.

It is my hope that along with you all, we can continue to keep AirDailyX alive and take it the next level. With our ever growing fan base, you all have proven to help me do it. Thank you!


-D'Andre Newman