FsDreamteam is happy to announce our 2016 Black Friday sale which starts today and will last until November 29th. All FSDT and Cloud9 products will be discounted as follows:

FSDT Products 30% OFF
Cloud9 Products 70% OFF

To get advantage of the sale, use the following Coupon Code when ordering (both on the Web or inside the sim):


Cross-Sell Yes, this Coupon CAN be cumulated with the Cross-Sell option, which will give you a discount if you purchase more than one product in the same order.

Expiration This offer lasts only until November 29th 2016, so be quick to get your Black Friday sale!

Coupon usage alert The "Coupon ID" field will NOT stay if you go back or forward during the purchasing process. This can happen if you change the billing currency, for example. If you go back/forward you HAVE to re-insert the Coupon code, otherwise no discount will be applied.

BEFORE confirming the order, you will see a final page with the final price, allowing to check if the Coupon has been accepted. PLEASE, verify it has been accepted BEFORE confirming the order. There will be no refunds if you fail to check this.